Celia J Roberts - Artist and Photographer
About the artist

Whilst growing up in Cornwall, as a teenager I was never happier than hanging around the stables and riding. These early years, observing the behaviour and personality of the animals around me, set the seeds of a career in animal portraiture. The gift of a camera initiated an interest in photography, and I was soon experimenting with producing some of the images as watercolours, for friends and family.

With requests for paintings increasing the part time ‘experimenting’ developed into formal commissions, most of which come from word-of-mouth recommendation.

I still use the camera to take the initial images of potential subjects, as it captures the living colour, bone structure and character. I rarely paint from photographs other than my own, as I like to meet and get to know the nature of the individual animal.

The medium of watercolour is one that provides scope to portray very fine detail of the animals concerned, and is particularly well suited for eye expression – the phrase “the eyes are the windows to the soul” seems to sum it up entirely, and I would consider them to be the most important aspect of a painting.

Photography has become an equally important element of my career. I have been on site at horse-shows capturing those unique moments, the action and glory.  Specialising in obtaining that perfect pose; those pricked ears (horses) and smiles (owners and riders) to create a photographic record of the day.  Resulting photographs and show reports have featured in the national and local press such as Horse and Hound magazine, West Briton and the Cornish Guardian.

With the advance of digital technology, I enjoy being able to use digital-imagery to improve on the original photo, cleaning up those little details that sometime just spoil an otherwise lovely shot.  See the gallery for the ‘before’ and ‘after’ editing.

With the launch of this web-site I am looking forward to being able to offer the photographs and watercolours to a wider public for the first time.